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Vermeer oil paintingsAngel Oil Painting Art Co.,Ltd is established on 1998. we offer quality hand-painted oil painting reproductions of masterpiece.We have fantastic expert artist in China who have many years of experience reproducing masterpiece. most of our products are exported to Europe,North American, Middle East , South African,Russian etc.

Each painting is quality hand painted by our talented artist under the close supervision of our quality control team. we are an art direct company, we don't purchase any paintings from the third sources, that's why we can offer good price with top quality oil paintings.

Art work reproductionYou are able to verify the quality of our hand painted oil paintings from the sample pictures on line, click on the pictures to enlarge to check the quality and details.

We display top quality painting on-line warehouse for sale. All of the reproductions are quality hand painted oil painting on canvas, all paintings are painted by our talent and experienced artist. You only tell us the item nr with size, works will be shipped immediately as soon as we get the payment.

Art paintings showingYou can choose the pictures you desired from our on-line catalogue. We can copy any paintings to any size as you want. If you don't find the pictures you liked from on-line catalogue, please send email. Only simply send clear pictures to us by email or by post, then we can paint it for you.
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Process Of Hand Painted Oil Painting

We offers quality hand painted oil paintings reproduction, old master artworks replica, oil portrait, wholesale oil painting and picture frame from China, following photo is the process of paint.

Progress Of Hand Painted Oil Painting

Oil Painting History And Techniques

Oil paints have been most artists' first choice for hundreds of years, with good reason. The colors are gorgeous, you can do anything with them and they last forever. Oil paint is slow drying so you can remove what you don't like while it's wet or you can paint over it when it's dry. Oil paint is easy to use once you learn the basics. I've taught beginners to masters and I've learned that everything builds on just a few basic concepts that I will show you here.

Oil Paint is a very exciting and versatile medium. A new artist is presented with endless possibilities for creating art with oil paints. Oil Paint can be applied in a thick buttery fashion or thinned down to a watery consistency. It can be applied with a painting knife or with various brushes. You can paint with oils straight from the tube or mix them with an assortment of exciting mediums to create beautiful effects. It is because of this versatility that oil painting is such a popular choice amongst new artists.

Oil painting is a difficult medium to master and can confuse and intimidate beginners. Many artists get discouraged and quit far too early.

Oil painting is almost as old as civilization in world, dating back to the ancient Mediterranean Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians. Their techniques of mixing encaustics (wax) and natural minerals are well documented. Basic colorants were those found naturally in their landscape. Those minerals initially included copper, manganese oxide and iron and the wax was most likely bees wax. Oils such as flax oil, walnut and poppy seed were used in culinary applications, but there is no evidence of them being used in paintings of this period. Tempera (dry colorant made of minerals and oxides and then combined with binder and water) was combined with essential oils to make a more resilient material. Often the oil was used as a covering over a tempera work to stabilize the art. The tempera binders used by Italian artisans included such things as whole egg, milk or animal glue.

By the end of the Roman Empire and up to the Renaissance (15th century), these ancient techniques were all but abandoned. At that time Italian and Greek artists used olive oil in their secret process of creating oil paints. This secrecy of the Italian and Greek formulas allowed their dominance of the painting world for nearly three centuries. The use of olive oil did, however, greatly lengthen the drying time of the paint. During this time, drying oils - those that aided in hastening drying times - were introduced. Some of the early examples included linseed oil, with poppy seed and walnut oils being used to a lesser degree. All these oils were aided with the heat of the sun for speeding the drying of the paints. Some choices were less inclined to crack, yellow and darken than the linseed oil.

One of the first examples of this radical new technique is van Eyck's famous painting Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife – The Wedding Portrait (1434). This painting clearly displays the effect of multi layering (what is now referred to as glazing) and the visual brilliance it projects. The layers of oil, dried between applications, allowed for pigments to float and create a translucence and color intensity not before seen. From this time on, it is oil paint and the results it gives that make paintings in that media so appealing. Leonardo da Vinci improved the technique by slowly boiling the oil with an addition of bees wax. The resulting media did not darken as much as the components without wax. Other artists such as Tintoretto and Rubens studied earlier formulas and created their own, proving that artists were personally responsible for calculating and formulating their own paints.

While it takes far more than technique to create a masterpiece, the methods of the time have endured with gradual modification/alteration and are researched and practiced by artists to this day. How oils are made today is also similar to their original components but they are far more refined and scientifically calculated. To insure a stable compound and colors that can be trusted from tube to tube/purchase to purchase, those calculations are closely guarded and monitored for extreme quality. Non-edible oils are the backbone of formulas that can stand the elements and give workable performance to even the most discriminating artist. Today, specialized oils such as bladderpod, sandmat, ironweed and calendula plant extracts are used to increase resistance and to decrease drying time. The superior drying qualities, along with non-yellowing appearance and enhanced surface strength, made these oils more appealing.

Although the luminosity of oils is never questioned, there are certain qualities of working in oils that are worth consideration. The media is still slow drying when compared to almost any other media. That can be a good thing if working in abbreviated sessions is your style. Quick painters must develop a way to continue their approach. Oil is easily blended with paint that is already on the surface. Until dry, reworking is easy and often becomes a "style" all its own. On-canvas blending is part of the beauty of this soft, malleable paint. Vivid and dynamic colors are possible in oil, more than almost any other media. Air does not cause an evaporation of oil paint as it does with water media. Instead, oils oxidize into a dry, strong surface. As an oil painting dries, the molecules of the paint bond to form a permanent and very resilient surface. It can be said that an oil painting never stops changing.

Pigments used in oil paints can be toxic. Copper, arsenic sulfide and others of lesser danger are components in the creation of oils. The thinners and cleaning materials, turpentine and odorless mineral spirits, are toxic if mishandled. Therefore, always exercise caution and never eat, drink or smoke in the painting studio.

In summary, if you are not an oil painter, it is a medium that is well worth trying. The luminous qualities, the translucency possible and the colors available are very exciting and offer much experimentation. And remember to thank all the artists from centuries ago for all they contributed to today's materials.


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